Mambo Foundation has been established


Open Letter to the Mambo Community

As you know, there have been several important and exciting changes in the Mambo community lately. The formation of the Mambo Foundation, a non-profit organisation whose mission is to manage the Mambo project, will ensure the security, longevity and success of Mambo and its community of users. Our next goal is to put together a strong organizational structure and encourage coordination between teams including core development, maintenance, documentation, translation, third-party development, membership, finance, administration and advocacy who will work under the Foundation umbrella.

The Mambo project has been extremely fortunate in having such a vital community that has advocated Mambo in many ways and helped it grow into the award-winning product it is today. We want to thank you for your continued support, which will continue to be critical moving forward.

We will be launching the Mambo Foundation website soon, where you will find general information about the Foundation, how to join as a member, FAQ’s, and much more.

Peter Lamont
Chairman, Board of Regents
Mambo Foundation, Inc.

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